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Monday, August 27, 2007

The spice of Indonesian life

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Mentawai Islands one of the best boat surfing destinations

SambaSunda is a spicy cultural mix

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Whistler’s Taman Sari Spa introduces Balinese treatments

Magic in Bali's elaborate blades

Bandung or bust

Toraja: A celebration of death

Bali beyond the beach

Indonesia extends visa facility to 11 countries

Sail Indonesia 2007 Yachts Rally between Darwin and Kupang

World leading travel writer says Bali is safe

Documentary Film: Balinese Massage

Will be going back to Indonesia

Snared tiger defies poachers on three legs

Ancient coelacanth caught in Indonesia

Orchid exhibit offers colorful experience

Maps of Indonesia


General Information

50 species of plants in Indonesia can provide Altenative fuel

Hot, savoury nasi padang

Shortage of flights threaten Bali tourism

Miss Indonesia: What makes a 'princess', beauty or brains?