Spiritual Tourism for Bali

Minister Wacik Sees Strong Future for Spiritual Tourism in Bali.

Bali News: Spiritual Tourism for Bali
(10/20/2007) Republika On-Line reports that the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik has identified spiritual tourism as a key product for Bali's future.

According to the Minister, "a source for tourism in Bali for the future is spiritual tourism because of the potentials and possibilities offered in the cities and regions in Bali."

Speaking before a conference on "Major Trends – Opportunities and Investments in Tourism," Wacik said the main market sources for spiritual tourism are from Japan, Europe and the United States. "Tourist coming from these countries have become bored with crowded tourist attractions and are now seeking 'quieter' tourism, such as places for mediation and reflections upon their Creator," he explained.

The Minister said that all locations in Bali have potential for spiritual tourism together with other destinations in Indonesia, such as Tanah Toraja in Sulawesi and Central Java. Wacik emphasized that in addition to the physical location for this form of tourism, it is also essential to have staff trained in meditative practice and yoga.

Commenting separately, Bali's Chief of Tourism, Drs. I Gede Nurjaya, said that the Balinese have a close connection with nature and an all pervading sense of spirituality. The leading government official in charge of Bali's tourism said that the Balinese see nature in a religious context and have a wide range of ritual practice honoring nature. Because of this, said Nurjaya, Bali is the proper choice of location for the development of spiritual tourism.

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Factbox : Indonesia's volcanoes


-- Local vulcanologists estimate there are 129 active volcanoes scattered across the country's more than 17,000 islands. Around three quarters of the volcanoes lie on the Sunda Arc. Sweeping 3,000 km from northwest Sumatra to the Banda Sea, the arc traces the junction of tectonic plates.

-- The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) says Indonesia has the world's largest number of historically active volcanoes -- 76. It is second only to Japan for total dated eruptions, with 1,171 compared to Japan's 1,274.


-- Eighty of the 129 considered active are "Type A" -- most active since 1600 -- Indonesia's Directorate of Volcanology says.

-- A quarter of all Type A volcanoes -- 21 -- are on Java island. There are 20 Type A volcanoes on Nusatenggara, 12 on Sumatra, nine in the Banda Sea, six in North Sulawesi, five each in Sangihe and Halmahera and two on Bali Island.


1. April 10-15, 1815: Mt Tambora on Sumbawa island erupts, killing 92,000. The world's worst volcanic eruption in terms of death toll, it reduces the 13,000 feet tall mountain to 9,000 feet. The year 1816 becomes known as the "year without a summer" as volcanic ash in the atmosphere lowers temperatures around the globe, with deadly summer frosts in the U.S. and Canada.

2. Aug 27, 1883: Volcanic island Krakatoa, which lies in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra explodes. Resulting tsunamis reach heights of 40 metres and kill 36,000 people on Java and Sumatra islands. Two-thirds of the island is destroyed.


-- Seen as sacred in some local traditions, devotees living close to dangerous volcanoes are sometimes reluctant to evacuate when warnings are issued. The crater lake of Mt Kelud, for example, is thought to be a source of peace and prosperity by some living by its slopes.

-- Thousands of tourists are also drawn to the symmetrical cones of volcanoes such as Bromo, one of Java's most active, to see the sun rise through clouds of mist and volcanic steam; and Agung, Bali's highest and most sacred volcano, which towers over the east of the island.

Miss Indonesia ranks 15th in 2007 Int`l Beauty Contest

Miss Indonesia Rahma M Landi taking part in the 1007 Miss International Beauty Pageant in Tokyo ranked only the 15th among the other participants from 66 countries.

Chairman of the Indonesian Ladies Foundation Wardiman Djojonegoro made the remark in a meeting with Indonesian ambassador to Japan Jusuf Anwar at his residence here on Tuesday.

Indonesia`s participation in international event was to show that Indonesia promotes its natural culture to the world, said Wardiman, a former education minister.

Wardiman further said that Indonesia participated in the beauty contest to promote the dignity of Indonesian women in international contests, and that the essence of beauty in Indonesia concerns smartness in giving added value to the participant in the contest.

He also said that pros and cons on the need of Indonesian women to participate in the international beauty contest had become out of date. Meanwhile Rahma M Landy on the occasion explained her preparations of the whole process for the international contest.

"I am happily and feel proud, as after being absent in the international event for 30 years, Indonesia has sent me to the even," Rahma M Landy said.

Rahma also said she was very happy as Indonesia won the "best speech" among the other contestants.

New Internet TV Bali Alive

Watch the latest stories on villas, resorts, activities, restaurant reviews, cultural experiences, and property on the new Internet TV (ITV) from Bali Alive.

"Bali Alive brings a new dimension to delivering entertaining and dynamic video clips on Bali Indonesia."

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Possible new species found in Celebes Sea

A swimming sea cucumber, a Nemo-like orange fish and a worm with tentacles sprouting from its head are among dozens of possible new species found during a survey of the Celebes Sea, researchers said yesterday.

"These waters are the richest biological regions of the world but have been largely unexplored," said expedition leader, Larry Madin, of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Among the more unusual finds were an orange-tinged sea cucumber that uproots itself from the seabed and swims using flaps on its transparent body, and a worm with tentacles coming out of its head and transparent paddle fins growing all over its tan body.

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Espina: Tourism in Bali

I was in Bali several years ago for a Women-In-Travel International Federation of Travel Women’s Organization Convention.
Last Sept. 19-22, I revisited the place, curious about what happened after the Sars plague and the tsunami.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia invited me to present a paper on “The Challenges of Dealing with Local Communities: The Cebu experience” during the “Second Asean Tourism Investment Forum” held at the Ramada Bintang, Bali Hotel.

It was attended by some 300 delegates from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines. There were attendees from Australia, the US and Canada.

Attack by 12-foot python captured on tape

Brady Barr, the National Geographic Channel’s resident herpetologist, is wading waist-deep in a vile and viscous puree of bat guano in a cave in Indonesia when he is attacked by a 12-foot reticulated python.

The snake wraps itself around his legs, sinks its razor-sharp teeth into his left thigh, shredding his flesh. Screams of excruciating pain echo off the cave’s walls.

The footage is chilling.

The attack will be broadcast on National Geographic Channel at 8 p.m. ET and PT on Saturday.

Barr was on a remote island in Indonesia, far from civilization. He had to hike two miles uphill to a car to get to a rural clinic to get the wound properly cleaned and then travel even farther to get it stitched. Some 27 hours after the attack, he finally got to a modern medical center in Singapore, where he was pumped full of antibiotics and began a four-week series of shots to protect him against rabies.

Singaporean tourists flock department stores in Batam

Hundreds of Singaporean tourists flocked some department stores in industrialized island of Batam like Mega Mall Batam Center (MMBC) and Nagoya Hill on Saturday and Sunday or on the first and second days of Idul Fitri festivity.

"Many department stores in Batam have offered discounts on this holiday season. We are interested in buying some discounted items," said a Singaporean traveler, Michele Lie, here Sunday.

Lie said she intentionally came to Batam for buying Indonesia-made clothing which was not sold in Singapore.

Besides shopping in department stores, Singaporean holidaymakers also jammed bread and donut kiosks.

Singaporean tourist Pieter Goh said bread and donut prices in Indonesia were far cheaper than those in Singapore.

Bali dive Puri Jati - Bali Muck Diving

Puri Jati (PJ) lies close to the Zen Hotel and a short distance west of Seririt and 13 km west of Lovina. It is a good place to see small and rare animals like frogfishes, dragonets, seahorses, nudibranchs, ambon scorpionfish and devil fish, flying gunard, the mimic octopus and other rare species of octopus and also, Discovered within the last 3 years, this site is most famous for the chance to see the rare (and as yet unnamed) Mimic Octopus. Other species of Octopus can also be seen here, as can Cuttlefish, a wide variety of crabs and shrimps, Eels, various Nudibrach, and even Devilfish, Ambon Scorpion fish and Flying Gurnard. Lots of Seahorses. A wide area that can take several dives to cover. Bali Rescue and release three eels back to their environment Purple Seahorse found at 33 meters! And what will you see ..Oh yeah...Octopus hiding in cans and bamboo Devilfish Indian Walkman hiding under yellow fabric and Strange crabs, shrimps and other interesting critters.
So many beauties that you should don't miss'em. Also you should prepare for Bali Underwater Photography