Thursday, January 28, 2010

Surfing in Indonesia: Travel Insurance must haves

Planning a surfing trip to Indonesia?

Not only are you guaranteed some good swell, delicious food and a great time, but there are a common set of risks associated with the Balinese experience a surfing traveller should be made aware of. Taking the appropriate precautions such as travel insurance to cover the event of any mishaps makes a lot of sense. With Bali being one of the top destinations for holidays, Travel Insurance Direct can provide great value travel insurance, being Australia’s leading online travel insurance. When going on a surf trip, there are a few questions that frequently arise when purchasing a travel insurance policy. TID can cover your surfing holiday for as little as $28/week.
Remember, travel insurance is a small price to pay not only for peace of mind, but in case something serious happens such as having your stolen credit card stolen or incurring personal injury. In the words of "If you can't afford Travel Insurance, you can't afford to travel"
Some of the more common travel insurance questions for surf trips include:

Q: Is my surfboard covered by travel insurance?

A: Yes & No.
Your board or boards are insured for up to $700 each for theft, damages or loss. If your board is worth over this amount, then you will need to specify the value together with an additional premium. Your board is not insured WHILE IN USE or once it has been checked in to an airline.

Q: What about personal liability cover?

A: Yes. TID will cover you if legally liable for injuring other people or causing damage to their property, including legal defiance costs.

Q: Am I covered in the event of injury or hospitalization?

A: Yes, TID covers Medical, emergency dental, hospital and ambulance costs and when agreed by us, medical evacuation home or to the nearest appropriate medical facility. Includes funeral and repatriation of mortal remains. We will also pay the cost of emergency dental treatment up to a maximum amount of $500 per person per trip.

Q: Am I covered for travel delays?

A: Yes, meals & accommodation are covered in the event of transport delay.

Surfboards & Baggage Cover

Travel Insurance Direct will cover you for the accidental loss, damage or theft of your possessions up to $12,000. This includes emergency expenses if your luggage is delayed and losses due to fraudulent use of lost or stolen credit cards, travellers cheques. As mentioned, surfboards are insured up to $700 each, or up to $4,000 if specified with an additional premium. Surfboards are not covered while in use or after airline check-in. Travel Insurance Direct: Cut the Cost Not the Cover!
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Online Shopping For Insurance said...

My advice for people planning to participate in activities in which you may get injured whilst on holiday, such as surfing, is that you must get travel insurance that will cover you. The best deals can usually be found online, but always read the small print to check what cover you will get for your money.

Online Shopping For Insurance

Jacob said...

Thanks but I had zero idea of travel insurance for surf boards. I will complete this before I reserve my room at Batam Indonesia Hotels.

Richard said...

When planning your trip to Indonesia give yourself plenty of time to consider your options, take out the best travel insurance package you can afford, and make your bookings well in advance.


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