Help Needed in Search of Missing Man!

The search for the missing surfer continues, the following is a message for help in the search:

Friends overseas I am asking for your help in the search of the missing teacher, husband, friend, leader, musician, and surfer Daniel Bobis missing in Sumatra. His wife Rachel Bobis is in Sumatra right now searching for him and this update below comes from her. I am reaching out again because they need help with any additional search manpower- helicopters, boats, jet skis, dive teams, etc. Money is being raised to fund these search efforts, so any ideas, resources you have would be greatly appreciated.

Please e mail me She is at Damai Bungalows in South Sumatra.

The search continues and the chopper is in the air this very second,but so far no sign of Danny. The dive team is back out there as well. However she is begging for support because the search team is extremely under staffed and are functioning with very little resources. She urges everyone to continue to get the word out and try to gain as much assistance as possible. Also she asked me to make a special note commending Brian for his efforts. He has been diving non-stop and seems to find reserves of energy where others wouldn't. So please continue to push for outside help and continue to pray. She also asked me to urge you all to pay no attention to the media and what updates they may try to profess. The family will keep you posted. Thank you everyone...

Melissa Fornabaio
(914) 204-3416

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