Kupang to kick off Sail Komodo with art and cultural performances

The Kupang municipal administration will host art and cultural performances representing each ethnicity of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) in preparation for the Sail Komodo event in September.
“The art and cultural performances will be held once each Saturday along Jl. Ikan Tongkol in Lai-Lai Besi Koepan village,” Corenils Kapitan, the head of the Kupang Tourism Office, said on Monday as quoted by Antara news agency.
The performances would also be accompanied by exhibition of local culinary arts and handicrafts from each ethnic group, Corenils said, adding that the events were expected to strengthen the preservation of local arts and culture.
Sail Komodo an annual maritime event designed as part of the government’s efforts to promote NTT as a world tourist destination. The annual event is also expected to help improve the welfare of local residents.
To facilitate the performance and exhibition events, Deputy Kupang Regent Hermanus Man will classify ethnicities into groups so as to help speed up their promotion. Some of the ethnicities in NTT include Alor, Flores Timur, Sabu, Sikka, Sumba, Rote and Timor.
“With such an approach, we hope each ethnicity can promote their specific handicraft products to tourists, especially during the Sail Komodo 2013 event,” Hermanus said.
Local administration officials will also help improve Lai-Lai Besi Koepan Beach, which will be used as the primary port for the sailors during the event, he added. (Jakarta Post)

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