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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Aceh to tap tourism potential through sail event

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Aceh Province is a special region of Indonesia located in northern end of Sumatra Island and is rich in natural resources of oil and gas.

However, a towering tsunami, triggered by a devastating earthquake that ruined its capital Banda Aceh and killed about 170 hundred people in late 2004, forced the province to rebuild from the scrap.

Now, Aceh is rebuilding its economy, including its tourism. As a province once wrecked by an earthquake known to the whole world, Aceh has the potential to offer its exclusive objects that attractive to tourists.
Baiturrahman Grand Mosque (Wikipedia)
Hence, the regional government of Aceh is making preparations to organize an international sail event as a means of exhibiting and marketing its tourism potential to the world tourists.

The sail event which is part of the national annual event of Sail Indonesia, is called Sail Sabang as it will focus in Sabang Island of the province.

The local government is now making preparations to organize the Sail Sabang event which will take place from November 28 to December 2017. It is expected that more than 100 yachts from different countries will take part in the international yacht rally.

Yachters from Europe, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, including those from other parts of the world, are expected to participate in the international yacht rally.

Aceh Governor Irwandi Yusuf has requested that preparations for the implementation of the annual event this year be made more optimally.

"Preparations for Sail Sabang 2017 must be optimized and coordinated with the relevant agencies," the Aceh governor remarked in Sabang recently.

Scheduled to be attended by President Joko Widodo on Dec 2, the Sail Sabang event is expected to encourage private investment, especially in the tourism industry in Aceh.

"Sail Sabang should be optimized to encourage private investment in the tourism industry," Iskandar, head of the Capital Investment and Integrated One-Stop Service of Aceh Province, remarked.

Sabang has marine tourism potential that is no less interesting than that in other regions. It has become a barometer, but the citys tourism potential has yet to be managed optimally.

Hence the event is expected to encourage growth in the tourism industry in Sabang comprising several scenic islands, including the Weh Island.
Pulau Weh (Fotolibre)
The waters of Weh Island are home to 133 coral reef species, according to a study on coral reefs jointly conducted by the Fishery and Marine Research Centre of the Syiah Kuala University, ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University of Australia, Wildlife Conservation Society, and Flora and Fauna International.

Foreign tourist arrivals in Sabang currently reach some 12 thousand. By 2019, the number of foreign tourists is expected to increase three folds to reach some 30 thousand.

Being on the very edge of Indonesia, Sabang is relatively unknown as a tourist destination, even among Indonesian people.

This makes Sabang a great holiday destination for those seeking a traditional alternative to heavily-commercialised holiday places. In Sabang Tourists will find clear seawater, spectacular marine life, and affordable prices. They will not find overly pushy vendors or traffic jam.

According to, visitors can swim, snorkel or dive in Sabang and encounter an amazing variety of sea creatures, from the colourful dory fish, the playful dolphin to the majestic whale shark. In addition to its breathtaking marine life, Sabang also has an underwater volcano, offering visitors a chance to experience a unique dive

Iboih Beach and the small Rubiah Island located 100 meters across from it are Sabangs most popular tourist destination. It is also a nature conservation area.

The monument is on the western tip of Sabang, 29 kilometers away from the city center, marking the westernmost point of Indonesias land. Coming to Sabang without seeing this monument is like going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower.

One of the benefits of a small city is that many kinds of food are still made by hand at home (simply because factories that mass-produce them dont exist).

Also seafood in Sabang is produced locally, which means that it doesnt have to go through preservation and refrigeration processes. Similarly, fruits visitors see in the market are grown organically and come straight from a local farm.

Given that Sabang's main attraction is gorgeous beaches, it is only natural that its more popular accommodations are beachside resorts. In general staying by the beach works better for foreign tourists as activities are right at the door step and communication tends to be easier � locals at the beach and resort employees are much more likely to speak English.

With the existing facilities, participants of Sail Sabang will surely enjoy their participation in the event, not only in the sailing race sensation but also in the beauty of its natural landscapes. (Antara)

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