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Monday, August 27, 2007

Bandung or bust

Last weekend, I opted to break out of town and head to Bandung for a major eating and drinking session.

A number of years ago I used to live in what was once known as the "Paris of Java", but hadn't returned for simply ages, so when an Indonesian friend invited me to accompany him and his family in their Mobil Rakyat (car of the masses), I jumped at the chance.

The new toll road makes it possible to steam across to Bandung in a mere two hours these days; at weekends the city is jammed with cars sporting Jakarta license plates as families from the capital enjoy the countryside, eat fine food and buy garish T-shirts from the many factory outlets that dot the city.

Various voices have been raised recently in the wake of the great floods suggesting -- half-jokingly perhaps -- that the capital should be relocated to somewhere more environmentally amenable.

Visit Bandung and it seems that this process has already started. The business boom here, reinforced by the new toll, serves to remind us that Indonesia is actually quite economically flush at the moment.

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By Simon Pitchforth

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