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Monday, August 27, 2007

Will be going back to Indonesia

About a month and half ago I was looking on TT for some suggestion about places to visit in Indonesia. Well, our trip is over. We traveled around East Java (Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Mt. Bromo), Bali, Lombok and Gili Meno - unfortunately, one month wasn't enough to see more. Before the trip we weren't sure if it was a very good or safe place to visit and I am very glad that we went for it. In my opinion, Indonesia is an absolutely amazing county.

Every single bit of it was so interesting. A strange thing to say but the highlight of Jakarta was the traffic (a real Asian city!) Yogyakarta was culturally very interesting. Ramayana Ballet in Kraton was so overpowering! Cycling around Yogyakarta was suicidal, but great fun too. Many temples around Yogya including Prambanan and Borobodur were very interesting places to visit too. And you could never get tired of posing for the pictures with the locals... The smoking volcano peaks in Mount Bromo National Park were a breathtaking picture. Beach time was great too, especially Gili Meno. The place is gorgeous - that's what a tropical island should look like, and also so quiet and peaceful. And Bali... Before my visit to Bali I had a very bad image of it in my head and had a very little interest in going there but, now I know, that I was very unfair. I would never go back to Kuta, but the rest of the island is so beautiful - the beaches, the rice fields, the volcanoes. And the whole place is just like one big temple. No wonder that Bali has a nickname "island of thousand temples"! Ubud was the highlight of Bali for me.

I am gonna recommend to all the people I know to visit Indonesia and I can't wait to go back there again, and next time will hopefully be more than a month.

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  1. Diversity in harmony and peace
    I just came back from Bali a month ago,but what i can say is only amazing memories and took my breathaway when i visited Kintamani,it was soo gorgeous place to see. Although it`s my second visitation there,but it had made me soo curious to know more about Bali,especially as to their culture,arts and tradition. So i think it`s absolutely fair if many poeple say "Bali is a paradise island on Earth" I`m sure Bali is one of many unique islands of Indonesia,so as i heard that Indonesia is the most islands in the world,How many beautiful things that i can see in the next visitation. Whoever you are that wanna know about the real fantastic experiance in your life so please find out more by visiting and coming there directly. So it could be your the most unforgetable memories in your life. I was so happy and peaceful when visited there although it`s only a short visit,I`ll be very exciting to take a longer term when i`ll visit there again." Thanks Bali and Thanks Indonesia"

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