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Monday, September 10, 2007

Indonesia expands tourism market to eastern Europe

Come rain or high water, Indonesia in the end still manages to remain a sunny paradise for tourists worldwide. Its white sandy beaches, pristine nature and rich culture are unscathed by security problems, natural disasters and even outbreaks of disease.

Yet, in today's increasingly competitive tourism sector, Indonesia can no longer afford to take for granted its ability to attract more visitors to come. Other countries, including developing ones, are polishing their own attractions -- and sometimes even "stealing" others-- to grab a piece of that lucrative market of globe-trotters.

It is against this background that the Culture and Tourism Ministry organized a promotional road show in June to keep Indonesia on the tourism map.

The three-leg tour to Ukraine's capital Kiev, Norway's capital Oslo and Italy's fashion capital Milan was intended to open up new tourist markets, reintroduce Indonesia's cultural attractions to the world, and roll out the country's latest tourism promotion strategy: promoting events at major tourist destinations.

"Since the Ukraine's political and economic reform, there are now many Ukrainians who can afford and are eager to go out and see the world," said Indonesian ambassador to the Ukraine, Alexander Laturiuw.

During a meeting with local tourism officials, Indonesian and Ukrainian officials agreed to work on visa-on arrival agreements and direct flights to increase the number of Ukrainian tourists, which by June had reached 1,400, compared to 2,939 last year. Indonesia hopes to increase the figure to 4,000 this year.

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