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Friday, September 7, 2007

My Life In Travel: Lisa Butcher

Interview by Sophie Lam, excerpts:

First holiday memory?

I grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, so our holidays were spent on Bali, in the days before it was spoilt. I went with my mum and brothers and we used to stay in losmens, which are basic village huts. We used to give offerings to the locals; it's a very spiritual place. I also remember watching the smoke coming out of Krakatoa.

Best hotel?

Any of the Amanresorts. I've been to a couple – in Bali and Morocco – and they're to die for. My dream hotel is the Amanresort in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, where the rooms are perched over the sea. I'd love to go there on a romantic trip. I also love taking my kids to the Celtic Manor Resort in South Wales, because it has a great golf course.

Best meal abroad?

Every meal I have eaten in Thailand. Growing up in the Far East, I've developed a love for that kind of food. I always come back looking quite plump, because all I want to do when I'm there is eat.


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