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Friday, September 14, 2007

Wonosobo: Up in an ancient, inactive volcano

Kledung Pass Wonosobo by rosemaria

We shivered the entire time we were in Indonesia. When we hit the sack at 11pm, it was 12 degrees Celsius and my husband needed three blankets to ward off the cold. Isn't Indonesia supposed to be hot?

Yes, but we were 2,093m above sea level in Dieng Plateau, central Java, and the winds were blowing mist into the crater we were staying at.

There was a drizzle and no one was out and about except a vagrant who was laughing at the howling winds as if he were a character out of Shakespeare.

The owner of the Bu Jono Losmen, where we were staying, promptly rang the police to inform them of the mad man. He assured us he would shoot the man with his shotgun if the fellow so much as came near the guest house.

That got us to behave too. We endured the clove-scented, cigarette smoke billowing endlessly from him as if from a chimney without a word.

Dieng Plateau is a town located inside the dried-up lake of an ancient, inactive volcano. The edges of the crater are like low hills around the town. The spires of the town's two mosques make a beautiful picture against the verdant green hills. The rich volcanic soils are wonderful for farming - potatoes mostly. We hardly saw any tourists in town.

Source: AsiaNewsNet

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