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Sunday, October 28, 2007

25 Most Endangered Primates Named

Sumatran Orangutan

This great ape has been reduced to 7,000 animals living in 13 fragments of land on the island of Sumatra, according to a new report.

Large-scale logging continues to convert this orangutan's native forests to agriculture and palm oil plantations, says the October 26, 2007, report by the Primate Specialist Group of the World Conservation Union's Species Survival Commission and the International Primatological Society, in collaboration with Conservation International.

The report names the world's 25 most endangered primates and says that a third of all primates are in danger of extinction (read full story). Key culprits are "destruction of tropical forests, illegal wildlife trade and commercial bushmeat hunting."

Orangutan image.


  1. Please help orangutans. Support the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation at www.savetheorangutan.co.uk or its partner in USA, Orangutan Outreach at www.redapes.org.

    The Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation is the largest primate rescue project in the world, with nearly 1000 orangutans in its care. BOS is the only organisation actively rescuing wild orangutans from oil-palm plantations, as well as rehabilitating orphaned orangutans, displaced as a result of the relentless devastation of their habitat to clear land for palm oil production. BOS is committed to protecting the orangutan and its rainforest habitat, and relies entirely on donations to achieve this.


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