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Monday, October 15, 2007

Attack by 12-foot python captured on tape

Brady Barr, the National Geographic Channel’s resident herpetologist, is wading waist-deep in a vile and viscous puree of bat guano in a cave in Indonesia when he is attacked by a 12-foot reticulated python.

The snake wraps itself around his legs, sinks its razor-sharp teeth into his left thigh, shredding his flesh. Screams of excruciating pain echo off the cave’s walls.

The footage is chilling.

The attack will be broadcast on National Geographic Channel at 8 p.m. ET and PT on Saturday.

Barr was on a remote island in Indonesia, far from civilization. He had to hike two miles uphill to a car to get to a rural clinic to get the wound properly cleaned and then travel even farther to get it stitched. Some 27 hours after the attack, he finally got to a modern medical center in Singapore, where he was pumped full of antibiotics and began a four-week series of shots to protect him against rabies.

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