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Friday, October 12, 2007

Tulamben women plunge into scuba porter business

Before Ni Nengah Dempi joined the Sekar Baruna women's cooperative in Tulamben, Karang Asem, it was a daily struggle to feed her five children.

The cooperative is located near a number of popular diving destinations some 90 kilometers east of the provincial capital of Denpasar. Dempi and some 28 other women and girls from Tulamben now work carrying diving equipment the 500 meters from hotels to scuba spots. They are paid Rp 8,000 per diving session.

"Most Balinese women are willing to work hard. This is hard work in physical terms, but it is alright for us as long as we can feed, clothe and educate our children," Dempi said.

Tulamben has been transformed from a dry, unattractive and arid village into a diving paradise. Its remarkable underwater life has attracted thousands of divers across the world to this once sleepy fishing village. The village has been dubbed one of the best diving destinations in Indonesia and even in Southeast Asian countries.

One of the attractions is the Liberty shipwreck. The Liberty worked as a cargo ship during World War II.

Wasti Atmodjo, Contributor, Karang Asem, East Bali

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