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Saturday, November 10, 2007

`Opera Jawa` to appear in Indonesia and Europe

After winning some awards in international film festivals, `Opera Jawa` (Java Opera) will appear in Indonesian and European theaters in September, its director Garin Nugroho said.

"The film has participated in several international film festivals for a year and it is now time for Indonesians to watch the film," Garin said, adding that among the festivals were the International Film Festival Venetia, Toronto International Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, Pusan Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Tokyo Filmex, London Film Festival, and Gothenburg International Film Festival.

The film has won some awards, including those for the "Best Actress & Best Music Director" category in the Nantes International Film Festival; "Best Music Director" category in the Hong Kong International Film Festival, the "Best Asia Film" in the Singapore International Film Festival, the "Best Screen Play" in the Festival Film Indonesia, and the "Special Mention of The Jury" in the Jakarta International Film Festival 2006.

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