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Friday, December 14, 2007

Bengkulu to hold Raffles beach festival

Bengkulu province - rocked by a major earthquake several months ago - planned to hold a "Raffles Beach Festival" in May 2008 which will involve neighboring countries like Singapore and Malaysia, a spokesman said.

Edy Nevian, head of Bengkulu provincial tourist office said here Friday, the festival which will take place on the "Pantai Panjang" and "Pantai Tapak Padri" beaches in Bengkulu city, is aimed at showing foreign tourists that Bengkulu beahces are safe from tsunamis.

The festival`s organizing committee will organize several events such as an international kite flying competition, beach competitions like volley ball, soccer, beach bike race and ski to highlight the international events, he said.

According to him, other events include a five-kilometer marathon which will take place in May 2008 and wild boar hunting because Bengkulu still has a lot of wild boars.

Local tourists also need to watch such a big event to eliminate the tsunami rumours launched by a Brazilian and had caused Bengkulu province to suffer losses.

The tectonic quake measurng 7.9 on the Richter Scale rocked Bengkulu and neigboring West Sumatra province on September 12, kiling several people and leaving thousands homeless.

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