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Friday, February 29, 2008

Heading for the hills around Bandung

The hills and mountains that surround Bandung are sometimes somewhat humorously and affectionately referred to as the "guardian angels of Bandung". It is as if they stand guard and protect the city but they might also be thought of as brooding giants.

Heading southwest from the city, though, one is more likely to think of the hills as guardian angels. The scenery is attractive and rolling hills lead up to higher mountains, portraying a bucolic charm and peacefulness.

Heading towards Mount Patuha, some 35 to 40 kilometers from central Bandung, the urban sprawl of the city gradually gives way to the countryside and the road narrows and starts to climb into the surrounding hills.

All over these hills are strawberries being grown for the local markets but also for the passersby to pick for themselves if they so choose to. Typically being grown in raised cylinders of soil, these strawberries are small but sweet and inexpensive.

Fruitful stop-offs can be made along the way to Mount Patuha and the quite remarkable crater lake that is to be found there known as Kawah Putih. The name Kawah Putih translates as White Crater and it soon becomes clear why this scenic area is so named.

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