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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lumpia Receipes

Lumpia are cakes Philippines and Indonesia similar to the spring rolls Lumpia. Lumpia The term derives from lunpia in the Hokkien dialect of Chinese Lumpia. The recipe was brought by Chinese immigrants from Fujian Province of China to Southeast Asia and became popular at that settled in the Philippines and Indonesia Lumpia. In the Netherlands, who has written loempia which is the old spelling for lumpia from Indonesia and has also become the generic name of "spring roll" in Dutch Lumpia. A variant is the Vietnamese lumpia, wrapped in a thin piece of pastry, in a size of about a roll of spring, but the wrapper is closed completely out of the ends, which is typical of lumpia Lumpia.
Lumpia Basah
It literally means "wet spring roll," which means spring roll without frying Lumpia. It is similar to the Vietnamese spring roll filled with soybeans, carrots, shrimp and / or chicken, and serve with sweet tauco (another word for Hokkien salted soy) sauce Lumpia.
Lumpia Semarang
It 's name from the capital city of Central Java in Indonesia, Semarang Lumpia. It was created by Chinese immigrants in the city of Semarang Lumpia. It is full of bamboo shoots, dried shrimp (Ebi in Indonesian) and chicken or shrimp Lumpia. Serve with sauce lumpia which is made of dried shrimp (optional), coconut sugar, red chilies, bird 's eye chilies, water, ground white pepper, tapioca starch and water, can be served in unfried either fried or condition Lumpia.


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