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Monday, February 18, 2008

Nihiwatu: Waves of Bliss

Responsible Tourism: Guests can take time away from the resort, shown, to help out at local clinics.

Nihiwatu sunrise to the West, Sumba
Flickr Photo: Nihiwatu sunrise to the West, Sumba, Uploaded on 15 August 2007 by Rana Pipiens

Do everything or do nothing. Nihiwatu allows you kick back all day overlooking paradise, relax by the pool, take leisurely walks along the beach or island excursions. Excellent dining and suite accommodation are not overlooked, and the resort's friendly staff and leisure facilities ensure that amid the wonders of nature you have plenty of creature comforts.

And then there is culture. Surrounding Nihiwatu are Stone Age sites and traditional villages that have remained unchanged for centuries, this unique tribal culture with its ancient animist rituals is truly incredible.

Since 1989 our philosophy has been to create a model of tourism that gives more than it takes. We are proud to have become an acknowledged leader of the Responsible Tourism movement and we intend to continue to pave a path for others to follow. It is through our strong support of The Sumba Foundation, its mission and its efforts to help the Sumbanese people that a new paradigm of responsible tourism has been created.

If the wait time to ride the waves at popular Bali swells like Dreamland and Uluwatu begins to remind you of a Friday-night traffic snarl in Kuta, then it's time you checked out other surfing options in the Indonesian archipelago — specifically Nihiwatu, This seven-bungalow, three-villa eco-resort lies 250 miles (400 km) east of Bali on the southwest coast of Sumba Island and overlooks the Indian Ocean. Its draw? Some of the fastest curls short of Oahu's iconic Pipeline, and a policy of allowing only nine surfers to enjoy them at a time.

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