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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Udjo`s Angklung Studio to hold 15 concerts abroad

Udjo`s Angklung Studio has set itself the target of holding 15 concerts abroad this year.

"The opening concerts will be held in March - April in Turkey, South Africa and Rome (Italy)," the studio`s head, Taufik Hidayat Udjo, said on Tuesday.

He said foreigners` interest in music produced by the bamboo musical instrument had remained high.

His studio, he added, had also prepared thousands of angklungs to support the concerts.

The studio is one of Bandung`s popular musical art venues for both local and foreign tourists.

In the studio, he added, people can learn how to play angklung, watch the production process of the bamboo musical instrument and buy souvenirs.

The studio also runs a "home stay" program for people wishing to learn angklung and other Sundanese arts.

The Foreign Ministry was also providing scholarships for people from Asia Pacific countries to learn angklung at Udjo`s Angklung Studio.

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