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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bulgaria and Indonesia to Promote Each Other's Tourism

The visit of Indonesia's Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wachik in Bulgaria continued Saturday with discussions about how the two countries can promote the tourism contacts between one another.

Minister Wachik said he was going to do everything possible to develop the relations between Bulgaria and Indonesia in the fields of culture and tourism. He stated that the 220 million Indonesian traveled a lot, and that it would a huge success for Bulgaria if it managed to attract at least a part of them.

The Head of Bulgaria's State Agency for Tourism Aneliya Krushkova said in turn she was surprised by that fact that 2 800 Indonesian citizens visited Bulgaria in 2007, the press service of the Agency reported.

Indonesia is visited by 5 million tourists each year, which is just as many as Bulgaria, but Indonesia receives about USD 5 B from tourism, or 9% of its GDP, whereas Bulgaria gets only USD 2,3 B.

Saturday evening Minister Wachik is going to present the "Visit Indonesia 2008" program in the National Archaeological Museum attempting to attract as many Bulgarian tour operators and tourist agents as possible. Aneliya Krushkova said this would be an act of promoting the Indonesian tourism in Bulgaria.

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