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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chinese journalists to visit Indonesia`s tourist sites

A group of Chinese journalists will visit a number of tourist sites in Indonesia in March and April to give a clear picture of the Indonesian tourism industry to Chinese tourists, an official said.

"The Chinese journalists` planned visit has been approved by the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism," Rosmalawati Chalid, head of the social and cultural unit at the Indonesian embassy in Beijing, said on Saturday.

Rosmalawati`s statement came as the embassy is to conduct tourism promotion campaigns in China. Through the campaigns, the embassy in cooperation with the ministry will among others invite a number of Chinese journalists to visit Indonesia.

She said Shantung TV journalists would visit tourist sites in Lombok Island later this month and CCTV journalists would visit Komodo Island at the end of April.

The visits would hopefully help promote the Indonesian tourism industry among Chinese tourists, she said.

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  1. Wonderful.
    We wish the welcome mainland Chinese will not listen to the ridiculous stories and lies the colonial collaborator and exploitative parasitic resident ethnic Chinese constantly fabricate.
    This criminal and illegality loving illegally residing ethnic make up such lies as they are the law finally catches up with their underhanded and criminal manner of making money.


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