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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kite parade colors Bogor's sky

The Rancamaya Golf Estate residential area in Bogor on Sunday held a kite parade featuring kites from throughout Indonesia.

Marketing director Henny Hendrawan said the parade was created to preserve kites as traditional toys in Indonesia.

"We hope this parade can allow kite lovers to interact and develop their hobby," she said.

Held in a field located in the residential area, the event also featured a flower bazaar and kite coloring and umbrella coloring competitions for children.

Also on display was a giant fish-shaped kite from a collection of the Indonesian Kite Museum.

Museum head Endang Puspoyo said the 22-meter-long and 4-meter-wide kite was one of the country's largest.

"It is a rare kite that has no skeleton and is made of parachute fabric," she said

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