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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let's visit Bunaken, Manado

Bunaken is a part of the Bunaken National Marine Park and it boasts one of the most diverse marine biodiversity in the world. Many tourists come to this beach area to scuba dive or snorkel to see the corals.

My father, I have no clue how, managed to rent a boat just for me and his colleagues. The ride from Manado's marina to the Bunaken area took about 45 minutes, and along the way, we enjoyed views of the ocean and tiny islands that surround North Sulawesi.

We finally arrived at the snorkel site where the corals are plenty and the fish can be seen swimming all around the boat.

Unfortunately, and I say this because I am sad to see one of Indonesia's natural beauty go to waste, there is a lot of trash (plastic, garbage, cups, bottles, broken glass, etc.) on the beaches of Bunaken. This has to do with the locals' lack of self-awareness about preservation and protection of their surroundings. Obviously, all this garbage is killing the wildlife around them (as one of the locals tell me that Bunaken used to be even more beautiful with fish and corals extending all the way to the shore - but now the corals are dying at a fast rate).

Full article with pictures by Milkita

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