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Monday, April 28, 2008

Garuda Indonesia’s Bali seats in high demand

Australians visiting Bali are on the increase according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics with information released this month.

According to the ABS, “the number of movements in February 2008 (32,100 movements) is 44% higher than in February 2007 and 16% higher than in February 1998.

The number of short-term resident departures to Indonesia in February 2008 was the second highest trend figure recorded over the ten year period and is a strong indication that Australian residents are again seeing Indonesia (and most likely Bali) as a desirable holiday destination.”

This huge resurgence has led Garuda Indonesia to look at more efficient ticketing time limits in order to make ticketing more efficient for both the agent and the client.

These new time limits mean that the seats held will be used. Travel agents will no longer be affected by those “tyre kickers” who shop around and hold onto seats whilst looking for a better price. Agents will have seats available for genuine travelers who wish to use and pay for their seat.

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