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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Biyan and Bailey join fashion forces

The gorgeously elegant designs of Biyan Wanaatmadja have been a mainstay on the Indonesian fashion scene for the past two decades. A master craftsman, he shapes his diaphanous creations to fit and flatter the woman, whoever she is.

Those who wear them -- from the pencil-thin socialites who crowded his spectacular Biyan Bride show last week to more "ordinary" women who put aside a little to buy a coveted something each season -- talk about how they make them feel. They can be opulent without being ostentatious, sensual and serene sirens in their own contemporary fashion play.

A Biyan fashion show always draws a crowd, including March's Studio 133 hippie chic-inspired collection. But on this special night, renowned event organizer to the stars Preston Bailey was another major attraction, and he did not disappoint.

He brought out all the stops, organizing the event in a cavernous green tent at The Dharmawangsa ballroom that was festooned with roses roses everywhere.

The show was aptly titled "Inspirations" and after a group of violin players in black tie sauntered down the pristinely white catwalk, the models appeared as breathtaking visions of sedate beauty. They were adorned in pure white, ivory lavender, cream, slate gray, in lace, silk, organza and taffeta, sometimes encrusted with sequins, rosettes, Swarovski crystals and Biyan's trademark beautiful beadwork.

It also could be called a case of opposites attract between the soft-spoken, unfailingly polite Biyan and flamboyant New Yorker Bailey.

"Every day is a new experience for me, and it was really overwhelming for me to have the chance to collaborate with him," Biyan said Wednesday. "I could describe him as a very extraordinary person, extraordinarily talented ... It was a great and exciting challenge for me to work with him."

He praised Bailey's ability to work as a creative ringmaster, bringing together all the varied elements in one cohesive whole.

"The thing that makes me very pleased is that in the team there were mostly Indonesian hands, and that we have a lot of talent and we can do this kind of thing."

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