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Friday, May 23, 2008

Remote Lands Introduces Exclusive Komodo Dragon Safari in Indonesia

Remote Lands, the world's leading luxury travel designer offering bespoke journeys to 18 Asian countries and territories, has introduced an exclusive Dragon Safari in Indonesia. By traveling with Remote Lands, guests will be able to take a luxurious voyage to view the famed Komodo Dragons, the world's largest species of lizard, on the isolated islands of Flores and Komodo.
The reptiles, which grow to an average length of six to 10 feet and weigh around 150 pounds, live on only three remote islands in Indonesia.

The Remote Lands Komodo Dragon Safari Experience includes round-trip airfare from Bali to Flores; deluxe accommodations for three nights aboard a private, fully-staffed, lavish motor yacht, moored just off the island; gourmet meals and drinks, including alcohol; scuba diving and water sports; massage therapy and safari to Komodo Island.
This one-of-a-kind experience begins at $6,800 based on double occupancy, and can be customized based on additional services.

The Komodo Dragon Safari Experience begins when guests are flown from Bali to Flores, a 1½ -hour flight over picturesque beaches and mountains. Guests will spend three nights on a luxuriously appointed, private motor yacht, fully-staffed with a personal chef, private butler service, masseuse and hand-picked, highly-experienced local guides, who will lead guests through the islands for the duration of their stay.

The islands of Indonesia are well known for spectacular diving and snorkeling; skilled divemasters will also be available to introduce guests to the vibrant sea-life of Flores's reefs, considered some of the world's best.

On their second day, participants will be led on a dragon safari trek through Rinca Island with their personal guide. As the reptiles are mostly unafraid of humans, they will be visible during the trek, often coming right down to the beach and to other inhabited areas. Given the isolated nature of this island, it will not be uncommon for participants to be amongst the only people here during their visit, depending on the time of year.

Guests will return to their private yacht following the trek, where they will enjoy an elaborate, multi-course meal prepared by their personal chef, massages treatments, and the spectacular sunset from the yacht's private deck. The next day will be spent snorkeling and diving in the waters surrounding the islands.

On the last day, guests will visit the Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located a short distance from the Island of Flores. The Park, which was initially established to conserve the Komodo Dragon, has now expanded its goals to protect its entire biodiversity, both marine and terrestrial. Guests can go scuba diving in the waters surrounding the Park or hike through the grounds to view Dragons as well as other endangered terrestrial species. After returning to their yacht, guests will be flown back to Bali at the end of their three-day Komodo Dragon Safari Experience.

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