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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Uluwatu Handmade Lace

Delicate, beautiful, hand-embroidered lace is the trademark of Balinese brand, Uluwatu.

IF you’ve been to Bali, you might have noticed a steady stream of shoppers in a boutique in Kuta that sells clothes trimmed with exquisite lace.

Many Malaysian tourists – especially those who love fine lace – are familiar with the brand Uluwatu, and apparently, it near impossible for them to visit the Island of the Gods and not bring back something from the boutique for themselves and their friends!

Uluwatu sells handmade Balinese lace made into beautiful clothing and household items. The story goes that the founder, Made Jati, (who designs each item with her sister, Nyoman Suti) named the brand PT Uluwatu after an 11th century Balinese Hindu Temple.

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