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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bali tourism bizmen reject pornography bill

Balinese tourism businessmen affiliated to the Association of Indonesian Travel Agencies (ASITA) reject efforts in the central parliament to revive the Pornography Bill because the proposed legislation spells the demise of Bali`s tourism industry, a spokesman said.

"We, who work in the tourism industry, will be very disappointed if the anti-tourism bill is passed into law," A Purwa, chairman of ASITA`s Bali chapter, said here Wednesday.

Earlier, members of Bali`s Provincial Legislative Council (DPRD) had also expressed opposition to the bill.

Purwa said the Pornography Bill which some parties in the House of Representatives (DPR) in Jakarta were reportedly trying to reintroduce contained articles harming the tourism industry.

For example, he said, one of the articles forbade women to wear bikinis when at the beach to swim or sunbathe whereas this was exactly what female tourists normally like to do when they were in Bali.

A fact was that the possibility of engaging in beach activity was one of the main things drawing tourists to Bali and other parts of Indonesia, "So, if the Pornography Bill is adopted, then Indonesian tourism is finished," Purwa said.

The bill would also ban dances like the `lengang lenggok` (in which swaying movements dominate) whereas these dances were part of a local culture`s attraction for tourists, he said.

Therefore, Purwa said, ASITA would collect and mobilize all the strength it had to fight the bill. .


  1. Those parliamentarians want Indonesia turn into a real life hell, by means of anti-pornography law. We always disrespect Indonesia because of anti-pornography. Since the anti-pornography law still present in poor Indonesia, we always burn Indonesian national flag.

  2. Pornography law is only the road to islamized Indonesia. Why don't muslims who support that law just try their best to lift up their own community from poverty? Instead of bothering others to follow their own way which lead them to poverty anyway.

  3. Watch out pornography bill supporters!! You will be punished in hell for ripping red and white flag with Pancasila fundamental way of life!!! When this law will apply, then we all ready to fight till death to our own soverignity.... A TOLERANT AND NO SHARIAH LAW LAND!!! Then you people who agree with antipornography, please pack up in ur own small land where you have no space for urinate anyway....

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