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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bintan gambles on major expansion

Bintan Resorts International has flagged a massive hotel expansion programme and is unconcerned that the Indonesian island will be marketing its major projects during a global economic downturn.

The expansion is likely to include a gaming facility, which will be seen as a competitor to the gaming resorts under construction in Singapore.

Bintan is 55 minutes by ferry from Singapore.

“We want to prepare ourselves to come out of this downturn in a stronger position by providing new attractions and infrastructure,” said Asad Shiraz, director of marketing for Bintan Resorts. We want to be ahead when the next growth cycle begins.”

The new development will focus on a 1,300 hectare integrated resort development at Lagoi Bay that will include international resorts, marinas, golf courses, food, retail and entertainment outlets.

An expansion of the island’s ferry terminal and airport is also in the master plan. Two new high-speed ferries under construction in China will lop about 10 minutes off the journey time from Singapore – the gateway to Bintan.

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