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Sunday, October 19, 2008

China Moon Cafe a fine addition to Ubud's culinary art

A wide range of cuisine is available in Ubud, the center of art and culture on the island.

Western gourmet, pasta, pizza, ribs, mojitos and other popular world delights are on offer at most restaurants in Ubud.

In addition, restaurants serving Asian cuisine are growing in popularity in the city, as more travelers seek new culinary experiences and wish to explore the roots of the island's culture.

One such restaurant is China Moon Caf*, which combines traditional Taiwanese and Balinese culinary styles. The menu features scrumptious soups, toast, noodles and fresh fruit juices, which, depending on which you choose, will enhance your energy, boost your immune system, or help you detoxify.

Located at No. 8 Jl. Monkey Forest at the corner of Jl. Hanoman and Jl. Monkey Forest, near the legendary Monkey Forest, China Moon is run by Carol Chen, who dreamed of introducing traditional Taiwanese cuisine to Ubud.

Going by the name along, you might expect China Moon to specialize in Chinese cuisine. However, Chinese cuisine differs greatly between the country's regions, with Szechuan, Pekinese, Cantonese and Taiwanese cooking all notably different despite all being categorized as simply Chinese.

Taiwanese food is Chinese food, but the difference is in the taste as spices and cooking techniques differ.

China Moon's tasty mushroom pork soup or the chicken & veggie stuffed French toast are highly recommended.

Then there is also the sesame oil chicken noodle soup, beef noodle soup and fish ball soup. Taiwanese food is indeed characterized by stews and soups.

Other delicious traditional dishes on the menu are chicken fried popcorn, which is essentially Taiwanese-style crispy fried chicken -- small chunks of crispy chicken sprinkled with pepper.

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