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Friday, October 3, 2008

Minister: Tourism already restored in Bali

Indonesian Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik said here on Friday that tourism had been restored in Bali.

"The number of tourists visiting Kuta Beach is proof that nationally the tourism sector has started improving," he said when visiting the beach and a number of hotels there.

He said the number of visitors to Bali had doubled by more than 200 percent and therefore he was optimistic the government`s target of seven million visitors this year would be met.

"With the increasing number of both domestic and foreign tourists to the paradise island I am optimistic the target will be met," he said.

He said the improving condition had to be maintained and further improved by all components because this sector also sold an image.

"The more the tourist arrivals, the better the welfare of the people, because the tourism sector is the moving factor of the people`s economy," he said.

In view of that he said supporting factors such as security and environment, and cleanliness had to be improved and maintained.

An Australian tourist, John Pieter, told him "I am glad I could bathe and surf in the Kuta beach that has white sand while the waves there are challenging."

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