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Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Yogyakarta-Kyoto Dance Performance

In silence, 15 dancers on stage came to a dead stop, listening to the percussion music played by Inisisri. Under a shower of red confetti, the dancers set their eyes on a long-haired man wearing an orange robe.

Inisisri, the percussionist with the Kantata Takwa and Swami band, performed for less than five minutes. Yet, it was a sweet closure to a modern dance performance, a collaboration of the Bimo Dance Theatre and Japan’s Dinyos Dance Company, held at the Taman Budaya Concert Hall in Yogyakarta, last Monday evening.

Ten female members of the Dinyos Dance Company and five male dancers from the Bimo Dance Theatre performed a ballet titled ‘Jiwa’ (Soul) as the finale of the show.

The collaboration between Bimo Wiwohatmo (head of Bimo Dance Theatre) and Takashi Watanabe (head of Dinyos Dance Company) revealed people’s lives that are often filled with hope, vengeance, conflict and love. “This joy is beyond our expectations,” Takashi said.

Takashi, 51, founded the Dinyos Dance Company, whose members are all women, in 1990. He studied modern art, jazz, and ballet in Boston, USA.

The two dance groups will present the same performance in Kyoto and Nigata in Japan in November. “The presentation is part of the "Sister City" program between Yogyakarta and Kyoto," said Bimo.

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