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Friday, November 28, 2008

Mola mola hunting in Bali

There are few places on earth where you can find the strange-looking Mola mola, and exotic Bali is one of them.

The Mola mola, also known as the sunfish, is one of the ocean’s rare and amazing oddities. With its large oval body and ridiculously flimsy-looking flippers, the Mola mola looks like a science fiction-inspired cartoon creation.

Its eyes are as a big as soup bowls and, even better, this fish loves divers.

Bali is only one of two spots in the world where the Mola mola can be seen. The trouble is, these critters have a fussy time-schedule for appearing in shallow water. Also, they prefer certain temperatures — the colder the better!

The sunfish’s favourite rendezvous spot is off the small island of Nusa Penida, southeast of Bali.

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