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Friday, December 5, 2008

Medan now a whole lot closer, thanks to Firefly

Flying to Medan is now more convenient and easy from Subang airport with Firefly.

The journey takes about one hour and 15 minutes on Firefly’s ATR72-500 aircraft.

The inaugural flight to Medan from Subang saw Selangor Tourism Action Council chairman Datuk Subahan Kamal and his entourage from the Malaysia Tourism Office landing at the Polonia Airport on Dec 1.

Representatives from the North Sumatara Tourism Board in Medan, Malaysia Tourism Board, North Sumatra Chamber of Commerce and the governor of Medan Syamsul Arifin SE also welcomed the team from Malaysia.

Leong said that there has been a lot of interest among people from Malaysia.

“Medan is a popular destination and now with the flight from Subang, it is nearer and the cost is lower.

“The response has been good, the volume of passengers is about 70% to 80% on weekends and about 60% on weekends,” Leong said.

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