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Sunday, January 4, 2009

400,000 Korean Tourists Visited Indonesia in 2008

In a retrospective look at the year 2008, the Indonesian Embassy in Korea couldn't celebrate more on the enhancement of relations, especially in people-to-people exchanges.

The number of Korean tourists visiting Indonesia reached a startling 400,000, a 25-percent jump from the previous year.
``Tourism is very encouraging,'' embassy charge d' affaires Foster Gultom said during a speech at a year-end party.

Indonesia has risen to the top of the list of favorite destinations for vacationers from Korea, although the number has currently stagnated due to the global financial crisis.

The island of Bali, for example, is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists and honeymooners because of its climate, temperature, affordability and exotic atmosphere.

With regard to the record-high increase, Gultom extended a special thanks to Korean tourist agents, who attended the party, for their efforts in promoting his country.

They received warm thanks with exquisite food and traditional dance performances: ``Janji Semirang'' from Bali, ``Aduh Manis'' from West Java and ``Ngaronjeng'' of the Betawi, a native ethnic group living in the capital Jakarta.

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