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Monday, February 2, 2009

Panama Real Estate Investments Rise At The Expense Of Indonesia

So recently I wrote a post on how Costa Rica just might be an alternative to Indonesian real estate investments. I felt that maybe I should do one more. Reason being, I feel that we are seeing similar trends with Panama. And a major reason is that it gets a lot of attention from countries in American continents.

Recession has hit everyone hard. I doubt there is a country around the world that was able to escape these crisis. And so as expected many people have held back their spendings. And a great example of this is seen in Bali. Thousands that poured in every year to this paradise on earth have reduced to a few hundred now.

Most people are looking for cheaper alternatives. For most residents of American continents Panama is that alternative. It provides the beauty, culture and experience that Indonesia does but in its own way. A short Panama tour can make anyone fall in love with the country as it would make anyone fall in love with Indonesia. Tourism for the country has picked up in the last few months when people are looking for cheaper flights to closer destinations.

But the sliver lining here is not that tourism has picked up for Panama, but the fact that Panamas real estate sector is going to pick up as well. Most people look to retire abroad by the beach in a beautiful big house. Just as Indonesia provided that for many, Panama seems to have taken the spot light these days. For most Americans its cheap and closer to home. Property value is reasonable and cost of living is cheaper than most other places.

Post contributed by Sara Rana


  1. Americans are not welcomed in Panama, Costa Rica or any other Caribbean land....please stay away,,,we don´t want you here...
    Americans are the cancer of this earth....

  2. And here I thought it was fanatical Muslims...

  3. Encourages the Government of Panama to restore the historic district encourage investment in this sector and to remember in New Orleans years ago, is full of soft shells of buildings that are crying out for reform. Already restaurants, apartments and studios are in a safe place in a sweet squares between the museums, the National Theater and the Presidential Palace.

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