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Friday, March 27, 2009

French company offers volcanic tourism

Vulcania, a French mountain resort developer, has offered a mountain tourism concept based on education and technology to be applied at a number of mountain resorts in East Java, a concept resembling that in central France's Auvergne region.

Vulcania scientific director Fran*ois-Dominique de Larouzi*re, said Wednesday in Surabaya that one of the reasons behind choosing mountain resort areas in East Java was the ideal location of mountains, backed by dynamic communities to develop the resorts such as those developed in Auvergne.

However, he said his company would not provide funds to develop the concept in East Java.

"We can only promise to provide the tourism concept and human resource empowerment of people living around the locations together with the International Labor Organization *ILO*," he said.

Vulcania also could not estimate the costs needed to set up the projects because they were still in the initial discussion process.

East Java Tourism Office head Harun said they had finally chosen the Bromo mountain resort in Probolinggo regency to develop the concept after exploring a number of mountainous areas in East Java over several days.

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