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Friday, March 13, 2009

Nadine to give kebaya a whole new look

It has become something of a trend among Indonesian celebrities to wear a traditional kebaya on festive occasions, but wearing one under water hasn’t quite caught on.

Nevertheless, that is what actress and model Nadine Chandrawinata hopes to do.

“I admire kebaya and I would like to be photographed wearing a kebaya under water,” the former Miss Indonesia told on Wednesday. “It will be so unique and interesting.”

Nadine said many women were reluctant to wear kebaya out of fear it would make them look older than they actually are. But not this 24-year-old German-born beauty.

“For me, it’s different. I feel more confident when I wear the costume,” she said.

“I feel pretty when I wear kebaya. It reflects an aura from inside.”

Nadine was Miss Indonesia 2005, and represented Indonesia in the 2006 Miss Universe Pageant. She was the second Miss Indonesia to participate in the pageant after a long hiatus from 1996. The first was Artika Sari Devi in 2004.

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