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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Australian tourists to Bali up 14 pct

The number of Australian tourists visiting Bali in the first quarter of 2009 rose 24.85 percent to 71,970 from 57,647 in the same period last year.

"The Australian tourists accounted for 14.67 percent of the total tourists coming to the Island of Paradise in the first quarter which reached 490.454," Head of the Bali Office of the Central Statistics Board (BPS) Ida Komang Wisnu said here on Sunday.

The figure placed Australia in the second place after Japan with 83,470 tourists, he said.

China came in third with 56,030 tourists, followed by Malaysia with 29,971 tourists, he said.

He said 71,199 of the Australian tourists came to Bali via Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar and the remaining 771 through the city`s seaport.

Last year, a total of 313,313 Australian tourists visited Bali, jumping 52.68 percent from the year before when the figure was 205,205, he said.

He said Bali which was geographically not too far from Australia was the "second home" for many Australian tourists.

Only recently, Bali received an award as The Best Island in Asia Pacific 2009 from the Hong Kong-based DestinAsia Magazine.


  1. Great but what the hell is up with all the "He said's"!?!?! get a better journalst!

  2. thats great...bali thrives on its tourist culutre and especially australians soo hopefully it stays at a steady rate. inflatable hot tubs

  3. Flights to bali are so cheap at the moment and it is such a beautiful place i can't beleive it. i dont think the australians going to bali will ever really decrease too much. our dollar is getting so strong as well so it always helps.

    Tim from spa2go

  4. I'm heading to bali soon...can't wait!!! bali is gorgeous!!

    adam from acid reflux remedies

  5. i loveee bali and want to live my life there basking in the glory of how amazing it is!!!!! :))))

    as long as i know how to get rid of heartburn

  6. Its a lovely place. No wonder why Australian loves Bali. They keep coming back. Thumbs up.

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