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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Taking A Break In Bali

If you are looking to get away from tensions of daily life and for a relaxing vacation, Bali is definitely your spot. Admittedly enough, it's a little out there and the flight from Thailand alone is about 10 hours or so but once you get here you will know that this was completely worth the trip and wait.

There are a range of three to five star hotels by the beach with a beautiful oceanic view with plenty of amenities to drown in like huge swimming pools, luxurious breakfasts, hot tubs, spas and much more, you will never want to leave the premises of your hotel
However the hot tubs and spas will have to wait. Bali is a beautiful place with much more to offer like beautiful beaches, romantic sunset, a cultural experience, a number of water sports and massive shopping malls. Way too much to give up spending all the time in the hot tubs or at spas.

Bali, even though small but it’s not something you would want to roam around in a single day and just get done. If you are still in the process of planning your trip out here you might want to make sure you spend atleast two weeks here. A quick getaway on a ferry to the peaceful island of Lombok is definitely worth a recommendation aswell.

During your stay here you need three to four days to roam the street markets for bargain shopping. These markets are filled with a lot of clothes and native ornaments. You might want to be careful though or atleast know that some of the big brand names sold in these markets are actually rip offs. Personally though they are so cheap it’s still temping to buy them. Bargaining room is unbelievable, almost to the extend that you can get the price down to 30% of the original asking price.

You might want to plan a few dinners out there. This place is filled with sea food restaurants which you have to try. On the top of my list Bubba Gump. By far one the best ones I’ve visited to date. But you might also want to leave some room some native food. The perfect place to try out some native delicacies is Poppies. A nicely setup restaurant with food to die for.

There are a number of beaches here in Bali that you might want to spend some time on. Considering that the weather here is perfect almost every day, quality time on the beach is highly recommended. For a nice, peaceful and relaxing day in the sun you might want to Kuta or Seminyak beach. If you like going to crowded beaches Nusa Dua is the place to be. And if you are looking to get into some water sports you definitely want to hit the Jimbaran beach.

After all is set and done you can come back and spend some quality time in your room ordering in food every now and then or hit the hot tubs and spas. One tip though before I close. Most of the pool, spas and hot tub close early so you want to make sure you make it back to the hotel in time.

Article by Joshua Soros.

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  2. woww...I found this blog and I surprises with it. salam kenal..Exploring Indonesia

  3. yeh iv been to bali many times and have gotta say it is an amazing place!! the people are some of the nicest on the planet and you are guaranteed a great experience. Iv gotta say though a few hot tubs wouldnt be soo bad..:)

  4. Bali is one of the most exotic places on earth. The way the people celebrate their festivals in grandeur is just an awesome experience. Would be a pleasure to visit this place anytime.


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