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Monday, July 13, 2009

Jakarta International Kite Festival 2009

The Jakarta International Kite Festival is a true spectacle, where artistically designed kites decorate the sky above Ancol Dream Land beach, located just north of the Indonesian capital. Celebrated during the entire month of July, the festival offers foreigners an opportunity to experience a unique aspect of Indonesian culture while also providing a platform for kite fanatics to exhibit their skills and display kites of various shapes and colors.

Preparations for the Kite Festival begin months ahead of time when the kites are designed and strings are made with extreme care. For 2009, at least 200 kites of various types, shapes, colors, and sizes will participate in the festival. As an international festival, participants will not only be locals from Indonesian provinces, but from Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, Germany, Greece, Japan, Singapore, Sweden and other European states as well.

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  1. dear sir,
    i have come to know that your kite festival is worth to participate in the world.
    last year we participated in weifang kite festival as well as in trex games and hope to participate in your kite festival provided you support for the same please.
    hope to hear from your side.
    dr sehgal


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