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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Australian Tourist missing after snorkelling

AN AUSTRALIAN tourist went missing while snorkelling alone off Indonesia's Lombok island, an official said on Saturday.

'The man had gone snorkelling in Gili Trawangan on Wednesday morning but he failed to return in the evening,' Mataram district search and rescue chief Budisma told AFP.

'We sent out two rescue boats and 22 personnel to look for him since Thursday but we couldn't find him. It's been a few days... the waves are big, we fear he might not survive,' he added.

The man had planned to snorkel in Gili Trawangan on the northwest tip of Lombok and move south to Teluk Nara and Bangko-Bangko, Budisma said.

'He shouldn't have snorkelled alone. The people in the area said they had seen a man surfacing from the waters a few times. After that he disappeared,' he added.

The Gili Islands are a popular tourist destination known for their sandy beaches, coral reefs, and colourful fish.

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