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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Festival Celebrates All Things Batik

Held in the lead-up to Independence Day, from Aug. 1- Aug. 17, the promotional campaign Exobatika at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town is highlighting more than 30 designers who have been credited with breathing life into Indonesia’s national handicraft, batik.

One of these designers, 32-year-old Ramli, presented his new collections at Grand Indonesia on Wednesday and Friday. Each of the two shows was fragmented into three segments.

The first showed Ramli’s ready-to-wear collection, which featured beautifully cut sarongs and kebaya blouses made from fabrics sourced from Java and the work of his artisans from Jakarta, Lampung and Java.

The second segment of Ramli’s show featured fabrics from Papua and Sampang batik from Madura, an island just off the northeastern coast of Java, in vibrant and striking colors.

Earthy-colored textiles were teamed with leather skirts and tie-dyed bottoms, such as a two-piece consisting of a reptilian skirt hemmed with feathers combined with a long boxy jacket in autumnal colors.

“Batik doesn’t always have to be glamorous. Batik can also be casual. It can be used in any design,” Ramli said. “That is why I do a lot of modification. Take the jacket, for example. The designer has to be clever enough to choose the right motif and pattern.”

And, in the third segment, Ramli presented his Muslim fashion line. With the holy month of Idul Fitri just around the corner, Ramli has chosen just the right time to present Muslim wear. His designs and colors are more sedate than his pret-a-porter, in pure, bright whites and solid blacks with white trimmings or shiny bead and stone details.

In addition to the fashion shows and other events like dance performances and a modeling contest, Exobatika will also present fashion lines from Denny Wirawan, Iwan Tirta, Danar Hadi, Ida Royani, Reni Feby, Dandy Burhan, Monika, Jufry, Sofie, Samuel Wattimena and Robby Tumewu for NTT.

Exobatika 2009
Until August 17
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
East Mall, Main Atrium, Level 1
Jl. Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta
Tel. 021 2358 7000

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