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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Protest over Malaysia’s claim over old Balinese Pendet dance

Dozens of Balinese artists staged a rally at the Denpasar Cultural Park on Saturday to protest the broadcast of Bali’s ancient pendet dance in Malaysia’s tourism advertisement.

The dance, performed by two women dressed in Balinese costumes, was broadcast many times as part of the Visit Malaysia Year promotion.

“We have found that the dancers are alumni of the ISI Denpasar. They were shot by Bali Record about two or three years ago,” rally coordinator Prof Wayan Dibia of Denpasar’s Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) was quoted by Antara news agency.

Other rally participants included Regional Representatives Council member representing Bali Ida Ayu Agung Mas and ISI scholars.

The protesters urged the government to protect and register local cultures to prevent other countries from claiming them.

“Pendet dance is our national cultural heritage which belongs to Hindu Bali tradition,” Dibia said.

Malaysia’s tourism promotion sparked an outrage in Indonesia last year for its broadcast of Maluku’s song Rasa Sayange.

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  1. Here we go again, Malaysia must be desparate

  2. John, we must really pity Malaysia. Not only are they poor in culture, but also poor in ethics. Perhaps we should let them claim Kecak dance, Bengawan Solo as theirs too.

  3. u should leave that poor country alone....all that they want is just to have beautifull cultures...what is wrong with that...

  4. harha. its crazy world, i think they culture is stealing culture from another country?
    Aye... its so pity they expect more people come,not only to watch the twin towers...

  5. If two branches grow out from the same tree, who does this tree belongs to??

  6. It is a common misunderstanding, to think that Malays in Malaysia and Indonesians are the same stock of people. While Melayus in Riau and parts of Sumatra are closely related to Malays in Malaysia, Indonesia has Dayaks, Javanese, Balinese, Bugis, Ambonese, Papuans, Menadonese and many other ethnic groups, which are distinct from Malays. They also have uniquely different languages and cultures. That is why Indonesian culture is so much richer than Malaysia. The story about branches of a common tree is a myth, which Malaysians like to repeat.

  7. My friend Kuncoro,

    Clearly you have never been to Malaysia. Why does all Indonesians relate the Malaysian roots to only Riau??

    Remember that Malaysia was opened by a Javanese Prince, ruled which until now by Bugis blooded Kings. We also have your so called Dayaks in Sabah, we also have your Ibans in Sarawak, we even have races which you don't have like the Thai Malays up north side of Peninsular Malaysia. I myself having come from a family having blood ties Padang Sumatra mix with Siamese.

    Come on, live in reality my friend. We never screw your country with such attacks. We are not stealing-borrowing your culture, the problem is that we are just practising our beliefs here which is a freedom that we had enjoyed from the Malaysian government. I mean it is really up to you to "stab" your own "cousins" here whom felt that they are being unwanted and cast off from their roots.

    I am not saying this to pick a fight or anything, but you better check whether you need to do the Dutch Lady Dance later.

    I do believe that majority of Indonesians are arrogant and don't even having a sense of respect to their neighbours. You can see that most Malaysians travelling in Indonesia can or at least tried to speak Indonesian to show their respects to locals, why does Indonesians travelling to Malaysia never tried to speak Bahasa Melayu? When you have the answer to my question, you will get the answer to how come Malaysia "always steals Indonesia Culture".

  8. Twin tower of malaysia design same as candi prambanan.

  9. On the contrary, I have been everywhere in Malaysia for many years. If you want your neighbours to respect you, then don't do all those shameless things. Gamelan is Malaysian? There are a handful of people in Malaysia who has come from Java, Madura, Minang and so on, people are quite mobile, but that does not change the fact that Malays are the majority in Malaysia. In Indonesia, there are Malays, but a great majority are not Malays. Hence our motto bhinneka tunggal ika

  10. Are you guys even aware that the, so called Ad had nothing to do with the malaysian tourism campaign, AND more importantly the goverment?

    btw get your facts right The Ad was made by a private entity. More over you don't own the copyright to that dance. To call havoc over a stupid matter like this can only come from Indonesia...

    Is things there that pathetic that picking on anything and everything is a past-time to a shit down the toilet economy?

  11. "Kuncoro said...
    ...but that does not change the fact that Malays are the majority in Malaysia. In Indonesia, there are Malays, but a great majority are not Malays. Hence our motto bhinneka tunggal ika"

    Clearly you have a mistaken identity my friend... The point here is that you think Melayu Malaysia is consists of the so called "Malays" only... but think my friend where exactly does "Malay" come from... "Malays" as what majority of Indonesians are calling us... is a mix of race that came from all over the malay archipelago which consists of the peninsular malaysia also singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Sumatra, Java, Bali, Madura, Borneo, (Basically the whole of Indonesia). Malays in Malaysia is consists of races which ancestors came from these regions, also having a mix with chinese, indians, arabs, japanese and european blood. Current Malaysia Malays consists of from 14 different states to make the so called Malay majority... Like chinese malaysians which consists of different ethicity due to the 6 major states where they come from in China, same goes to Indian Malaysians who came from different parts if india, pakistan, bangladesh and sri lanka.

    We still call a community from Johor and Selangor State "Orang Jawa" due to the high amount of Javanese population residing there. And they are still fluently in Javanese language.

    What do you call a malay that speaks Thai then? Malay or Thai?

    You want to claim everything for yourself, then how about the javanese and bugis who practises the same culture in Singapore? Can singaporeans put kuda kepang dance in their tourism campaign then?

    How about the Ibans and Dayaks in Brunei? That means they can't show their dance on their tourism campaign?

    Hello kawan... berpada-pada la sikit, kamu bukan 1 bangsa saja yg hidup di dunia ini. I have many Indonesian friends who understands what Malay means... You all are just a small group of people who just have nothing to shout about and just picking a fight with people who never a single moment cared about all these small details... culture, Manohara the Liar, etc. We can say a million things bad about you, but we think again... Malaysia and Indonesia also Brunei & Singapore are all cousins... without us being united together, then you will have all major forces invading us... Then, once an Indonesian Malaysian artists words "takkan melayu hilang di dunia" will diminished into eternity!

  12. "Valkemiere said...
    Twin tower of malaysia design same as candi prambanan"

    Can you make one then? Hope it can be even taller than ours, more beautiful than ours, more elegant looking than ours, draws millions of tourists every year like ours (that means millions and millions of different currencies like Euros, British Pounds, US Dollars, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuen and my personnal favorite..Singapore Dollars which means bringing more stability in our own currency and provide our people with better life standards)?

    Until the day when you have one, then we will always keep on smilling to losers like you :)

  13. not to mention... indonesia has this habbit of shooting with out looking... 99% of this people have not seen that ad... you know whats funny people? we didnt made that ad... it was a ad done by the discovery channel for their program... yet they kinda miss out that point after making so much ruckus over a stupid matter!

  14. You people must definitely be those people who easily gets deceived by trusting blindly on the words of others.

    The ad was made by "Discovery Channel". Malaysia is not discovery channel. You are protesting to the wrong person.

    Stop blaming Malaysia, who needs your balinese dance anyway? You can keep your culture, we already have much in our hands

  15. I smell Malings. The list of Indonesian cultural heritage stolen, is very long now, not just Pendet, Reog, angklung, Gamelan, Rasa Sayang, ikat, and so on. Malingsia is also anexing our islands (e.g pulau Jemur)and oil fields, steal our timber, desecrates our anthem. It is only a wonder we have not gone to war. Ganyang Malingsia!!

  16. "Anonymous said...
    I smell Malings. The list of Indonesian cultural heritage stolen, is very long now, not just Pendet, Reog, angklung, Gamelan, Rasa Sayang, ikat, and so on. Malingsia is also anexing our islands (e.g pulau Jemur)and oil fields, steal our timber, desecrates our anthem. It is only a wonder we have not gone to war. Ganyang Malingsia!!"

    But before you do that, lets discuss what actually we stole from you... You said oil and island... like we care cos we have other interests to take care off like our oil fields in Kazakstan, Nigeria and Sudan and even Malaysia and (legally off course with) your PERTAMINA INDONESIA (in which our PETRONAS DAGANGAN BERHAD owns 40% shares), we also have one of the best islands (or not many) in the world... Perhentian, Tioman, all which have nothing related to your egoistic nationalist borderisms.

    You said culture, well we love our culture too... Drag racing, football, go out drinking and clubbing, party on dudes!!! Your anthem... I honestly can't... or maybe do not know at all the national anthem of Indonesia...

    And finally you called us Malings... Try calling that to your Obama's USA because they stole more than other countries does to you... YOUR FREAKIN' GOLD MINE IN PAPUA IS NOT BELONG TO YOU, BUT AMERICA!!! AND THAT GOLD MINE IS THE BIGGEST IN THE WORLD!!! What a blunder... Wkwkwkwkwkkk!!!

    After you done fighting with America, then you can come and have your war with us!!! We may be weak the last 40 years, but try us now!!!

  17. Ohh yeah, plus we don't steal your timber, your oil, your labour force... WE PAY FOR THEM... HARD CASH!!! Like our Singaporean friends as well, they pay your government hard cash for your "dirt" so that they can build their country!!

    So bugger off and create other nuisance with America or either Singapore and ourselves if you really DaRe!! It is your people who are "destroying" your country, not us...

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  19. Hi Indonesia... you can take whatever you want, claim whatever you want... coz we had enuff!
    But do remember... we (you n I) came from the same region, but by the time flies.. changes happen to synchronize with modernisation.. We, Malaysian rich with races,religions and cultures like a mix spices in a jar (i can call that), something like ABC (air batu campur) in a bowl(you want to claim the ABC also from your country?.
    Just imagine if these 2 lands not seperated by the Malacca straits.. what would it be? Is there going to be a pin pointing like now?

  20. Pak Dodol lupa akan kehilangan khazanah Indonesia paling besar iaitu Lombong emas terbesar di dunia... Lombong Emas Grasberg Papua, Indonesia milik Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., Amerika

    Kesian Indonesia.....

  21. Rendang kita pun nak diklaim. Berpada-pada lah indon oii!

    Pak Ngah Ulu Beranang

  22. Pendet dance? I have never ever heard of that dance before. I don’t know, I don’t want to know and I don’t care.

    But you can have it back and I don’t even want it. Take it back along with the ayam penyet or whatever that you feel we took from you last week, last month, last year or even from the last century.

    Me? I am going to ask my two indonesian maids this evening to demonstrate to me this dance. If I am not satisfied, they will be deported. Contract will not be renewed.

    I might even ask them to sing Terang Bulan after that.

    Pak Ngah Ulu Beranang

  23. Calls for 'war' in Indonesia-Malaysia dance spat
    By Aubrey Belford (AFP) – 1 day ago

    JAKARTA — Simmering anger in Indonesia over Malaysia's "theft" of a traditional dance is spurring unlikely calls for war in the latest spat between the two traditionally testy neighbours.

    The dispute started in Indonesia in August after word spread Malaysia had screened tourism advertisements featuring the traditional "pendet" dance of Indonesia's Hindu-majority Bali island.

    The ad quickly turned out to have been a botched promotion for a Discovery Channel programme on Malaysia, with no role played whatsoever by Malaysia's government, but that has done little to dampen feelings here.

    Protesters vowing to "crush Malaysia" have burned Malaysian flags and thrown rotten eggs at the country's embassy, while local media have for weeks run a steady stream of reports of Malaysian outrages, most of them recycled.

    Many media have also studiously ignored an admission of guilt and apology from Discovery.

    Nationalists -- as they do in nearly every one of the two countries' frequent disputes -- have already opened registration for volunteers willing to go to war with Malaysia, but admit this is largely a symbolic gesture.

    "Malaysia has, in so many ways, robbed, stolen from and insulted Indonesia... we're offended as a people. We're angry, we're disappointed, we're upset," Mustar Bonaventura, the coordinator of a Jakarta recruitment drive by nationalist youth group Bendera told AFP.

    "We have 486 volunteers who have signed up and they are ready for any consequences... All that's left for us with Malaysia is war," he said.

    Bonaventura conceded war was very unlikely, but said the group had stockpiled food, medicine and weapons including samurai swords and ninja throwing stars, just in case.

    Indonesian politicians have also voiced their displeasure to Malaysia over the controversy, and received apologies in return, but the issue has refused to die down.

    For Bonaventura and others, the pendet dance controversy is only the latest in a string of perceived insults by Indonesia's wealthier and more developed neighbour.

    Stories of horrific mistreatment of Indonesian migrant workers by their Malaysian bosses have for years raised public anger, as have territorial disputes over islands and the two nations' shared maritime boundaries.

    Indonesian nationalists have also claimed in recent weeks that Malaysia's national anthem plagiarised an Indonesian song, but have been dealt a blow by musicologists who say both borrow from a 19th-century French tune.

    A 2007 dispute over the use of "Rasa Sayange", a folk song that originated in Indonesia's Maluku islands, in a Malaysian tourism ad also has more than a whiff of familiarity with the current dispute.

    According to political analyst Wimar Witoelar, the current spat draws on a long history of resentment that has built up between Indonesia and Malaysia despite largely similar languages and cultures.

    Witoelar said the roots lie mainly in the early 1960s, when charismatic former President Sukarno whipped Indonesia into a fervour in a campaign of "konfrontasi", or armed confrontation aimed at destabilising the newly created Federation of Malaysia.

    "The basic resentment that Sukarno encouraged did not go away easily. It was just submerged, so it become significant when it turned out Malaysia became more successful, especially economically," he said.

    Spats over culture and tourism are part of this built-up resentment, Witoelar said.

    Despite 17,000 tropical islands, beaches, reefs and a rich cultural heritage, just over six million foreign tourists visited Indonesia last year, compared with around 22 million visitors to Malaysia.

    Provoked by a sensationalist media, this is just another issue of hurt pride that can incite people "deprived of common sense, deprived of intelligence, deprived of understanding," he said.

  24. 6 million of visitors to Indonesia?? compared to 22 million visitors to Malaysia??

    Why we need to steal your heritage?? Big but poor = USELESS!!!

    Definition of Indons to Malaysians is Labourer, Maids, Ass Cleaners, Whores, Operators...You are way down in standards compared to us..

    So stop this non sense and concentrate in building your economy and help the poor people..

  25. My question goes to Indonesian Javanese...

    Why are you so damn racists?

    Why do you discriminate other races?

    Are you heavenly devine that you can do whatever you want wherever you want?

    Why do you like WAR?

    Why are your people so jealous of success gained by other races similar to yours?

    We Malaysians pity to other races in Indonesia to the fact that they all live in fear under the dictatorship of the Javanese. A good example is that whenever I met a Chinese Indonesian, they are affraid to call themselves chinese, they don't even have their chinese names as this is not allowed in Indonesia. They can't practise their culture and are really under discrimination. Some had to leave their homes in Java and fled to other places like Batam and Medan, or even migrated to other countries like Australia, Canada, or even to Malaysia.

    How do you feel if one day a country takes your country to court for multiple accounts of plagerism from the chinese culture then?

  26. WHAAATTTTT!!!!!!!Malaysia stole "Kain Ulos"? Bujanginam! DAMN Those Malaysian to HELL!!!Al of Them! Slave driver. Malaysian is not malay, is just hapen the country has the word malay in in. Malaysia/malaysian is a bounch of people that come when "Gajah Mada" Rule Asia and shit on an island that today called malaysia. Theya are nothing but shit who acts like shit, culture stealer, doesn't care about human rights, Indonesian Wannabe. and we will go to war with you if you keep those stealing, and condensending attitude toward your neighbor. Remember...this malaysian...indonesia is by the people for the people so we don't have to wait for our government to flush your country down the toilet.

  27. FYI:

  28. Hei Indonesian guys....who will get benefit from this confrontation?? Indonesia or guess is the western especially US. They're waiting for this. I don't think they can invade Malaysia but Indonesia..i'm doubt. Indonesia government owned a lot to US, IMF i mean. Indonesia belongs to IMF. Think bout it. Indonesia is USA of Asian. Ask your government...they are rich but not Indonesia.

  29. Kita tidak serumpun dengan Malingsias!

  30. Hey, I'm not trying to put gas in the fire here, but it's just, with all of those war and confrontation that you keep saying wouldnt bring anything to Indonesia nor Malaysia. Why we not just sit back and think about what we actually doing here. For Malaysian, maybe you guys shouldn't be over proud with what your country has for now, because as you know that every single thing in this world has the "UP" situation and "Down" side. And you were colonized by the British, which means they set the country for you so you can have a good life, they educate you, built the buildings for you, unlike Indonesia, they were colonized by the Poor Dutch, they just stole, they not educate them and they not build anything. so why don't you guys put your feet at the others shoes. we as the part of humanity must live in a better world. we need each other, Malaysia need Indonesia and Indonesia need Malaysia, because you can't live alone. Even Indonesia more poor than Malaysia as many peoples said, but Indonesia gifted with its wonderful islands, scenery, mountains, beaches, ethnics and its peoples, if they manage it well, there could be a chance Indonesian can beat Malaysia. so put your head down and stay peace, this world doesnt need war.. I been to Indonesia and Malaysia, saw some similarity to the peoples, but of course they're different on the inside.

    Marilena, Greece

  31. 22 millions visited Malaysia? Thats fckin IMPOSSIBLE! you know Malaysia only habitaten by 28 millions people. Where those 22 millions could fit?! Dont make a joke here. Tell your publisher to ask the immigration straightly. Even Bangkok as the most destined city in the world only attract 5 millions visitor per year! But 22 millions is hell impossible!

  32. Thank you Marilena from Greece, you have given an objective opinion here:
    ”And you were colonized by the British, which means they set the country for you so you can have a good life, they educate you, built the buildings for you, unlike Indonesia, they were colonized by the Poor Dutch, they just stole, they not educate them and they not build anything. so why don't you guys put your feet at the others shoes.”

    Hope those Malaysian can look into themselves and have a clear thinking of who they really are...they really don’t try very hard to achieve whatever they already have now...
    While we, Indonesian are always fighting for our freedom and rights ways from the beginning…and the independence of course we earned it not just given away by the colonialist...
    You also should reconsider your sense of humanity because seems that you people are so desperate to showing us that you are above us, you can’t see your own flaws. Stop abusing our people (TKI), aren’t you ashamed of yourselves giving the fact that you are a Moslem Country. But you seemed don’t care at all about this issue. Those culture disputes are nothing compare to this. This is an abused against humanity, we should actually bring you to the International Court. And STOP saying like you don’t need our TKI, you do definitely need them, because you’re lazy ass.....
    And seems all those aren’t enough, one of your citizen, as crazy maniac as he is, has been spread terror in our country with his terrorist attacks...
    And you, Malaysian are saying we are arrogant????? Pleaasee...
    So, Malaysian, please stop being so arrogant about what you have achieved and start showing and giving your ‘so called’ cousin some respect.
    You don’t have to speak our language if you come visiting our country, who is asking you is just adding the fact that you are Indonesian wannabe and enjoy speaking our language. Please don’t expect us to speak yours, to be frankly, as difficult as it is for our tongue, it does sound pretty funny and silly...and not to mention hard feeling....
    Oh btw, I once had a Malaysian business partner, and they bought some furniture from my company and didn’t care to pay for about USD. 9,841.63 (to be exact)...what a thief!

  33. no one indonesian brave to put link for the video clip of the advertisment as said/discussed. So everybody can judge from that.

  34. its clearly not Malaysian fault to do the promo video. its done by 3rd party.its proven..& im wonder why indonesian dont go directly to the third party itself punish them?
    think wisely my friend indonesians on how on earth the stupidity of Malaysia itself copying DIRECTLY the pendet (never heard of) to the promo video? Malaysia is not stupid ..we just related to what we have in Malaysia based on your ancestors from your contry migrate to Malaysia...we also have jawa , sunda aceh origins etc etc..
    think again because i dont want to explain details..

    i dunno why..but im thinking about two countries confrontated each other & im imagined something laughing in the middle..just my 2 cents (sorry my bad English)

  35. I am an Indonesian. And I love my country so very much. Yet,I have been to Malaysia more than a dozen times in 10 years now. I love Genting, I love KL, I indeed love Penang.. I also made so many Malaysian friends whom I think ROCKS. But my word to you Malaysian is, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO "BORROW" our culture SINCE YOU THINK YOU HAVE SO MUCH POPULARITY? To:Anonymous
    You speak all those things as if Indonesia is the one who stole your culture.. But do you know? A part of malaysian people called the "baba" are originally Bataks from Sumatra? Do you know are we indonesians when we knew that YOU BORROWED OUR CULTURE AND CLAIMED IT IS YOURS? Its so not fair..

  36. Hi...

    I guess that this issue is still in the air huh? :)

    Well, i just want to remind u guys this... Don't be such imotional bunch of morons mocking on each other... I should be your DADDY and start smacking each and every one of your bottoms just to make you all behave!

    I love both countries Malaysia & Indonesia. I have great friends from both countries, especially your women (yummy!!!). I love all your cultures and heritages. Its a pity you all are fighting for something stupid as this!

    Straight yourself up! You are making yourselves look STUPID in front of the WORLD! You both have something good to offer. Work together on it you morons! Before Uncle Sam comes and start wanking on your back sides HAHAHAA!!!!

  37. Yes We have to protect our culture, it is not easy to do balinese dance.


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