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Monday, September 14, 2009

Idul Fitri Holiday travellers expected to spend Rp16.2 trillion

The 27 million people expected to make home-bound trips for the Idul Fitri holidays this year have the potential of contributing up to Rp16.2 trillion to the regions through the tourism sector, a minister said.

"The expenditures of each traveller is minimally Rp600,000 so regional governments and tourism industry players should do their best to serve them," Tourism and Culture Minister Jero Wasik said here Monday.

The minister appealed to tourism industry circles in the transportation, accomodation and tourism sectors not to increase the prices while demand was high because tourism was the right of all.

This way the Islamic post-fasting holiday makers would get the best service, he said.

Domestic tourists are indeed the engine of regional economic growth. Last year the movement of 225 million tourists produced around Rp123 trillion. In view of that regional governments must be able to give the best service to and welcome the holiday makers.

Minister Jero Wacik meanwhile also called on parents to use their tourism activity to promote the government`s programs such as "Know Your Country", "Love Your Country."

"For those who have never visited Makassar the city now has a Disneyland-like tourism site which provides a new opportunity for people to visit cities in the eastern regions," he said.

The minister also appealed to bay-watchers to increase their control to anticipate increasing visitors to beaches such as in Banten, West Java, and Kuta in Bali and others

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