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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Indonesia targets 7 million foreign tourists next year

Indonesian government targets 7 million of foreign tourists in 2010, an increase from this year's estimation of 6.4 million, an official said on Tuesday.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism's Director General of Marketing Sapta Nirwandar said that the government also targeted US$7.5 billion of foreign exchange from tourism in 2010.

"It may seem hard to reach but we, along with all of tourism-related institutions across the nation, have pledged to work hard in order to achieve that targets," Sapta told the press.

Sapta claimed that the growth of foreign tourists in Indonesia in 2009 was better than those of other Southeast Asian countries.

"Our growth is 2.9 percent while Malaysia's is 2.1 percent," he said optimistically.

Sapta said that Indonesia would focus on community based promotions rather than advertising. "Advertisement is expensive, our budget may be absorbed greatly," he said.

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  1. If the minister looks around he will see that relaxing visa requirements/fees will increase visitor at least by 10%. Malaysia second home(retirement) has also been very succesful.


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