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Monday, October 19, 2009

Same again as Indonesia launches VIY 2010

Indonesia's Department of Culture and Tourism has announced its intention to continue the current Visit Indonesian Year (VIY) campaign for a third year as part of plans to attract seven million foreign visitors in 2010.

Visit Indonesia Year which was launched after 2008 was already well underway, was retained for an additional year in 2009.

The latest announcement from the government is that the programme will be retained for a third year - 2010.

Credited with bringing 6.4 million visitors to Indonesia in 2008, tourism officials remain confident that VIY 2010 will pave the way for modest growth in tourism arrivals while arrivals to competing destinations in the region continue to shrink.

Tourism officials also point to Indonesia's improving security situation as contributing to tourism growth now that violence-prone fundamentalist elements are being arrested, run to ground or physically eliminated.

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