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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Star-rated Padang hotels` damage runs into billions of Rupiah

The magnitude-7.6 earthquake that devastated West Sumatra province on Wednesday (Sept.30) has caused damage to 24 star-rated hotels in Padang with their material losses estimated at billions of rupiah, a tourism official said.

The losses do not include damage to roads and other infrastructure in the tourist areas of Padang city, head of the city`s tourism office, Edi Hasmy, said here on Saturday.

"Based on a survey of the 47 hotels existing in Padang, 24 of them proved to have suffered damage with the Ambacang Hotel on Jalan Bundo Kanduang, the Rocky Plaza Hotel on Jalan Permindo, the Hayamwuruk Hotel on Jalan Hayamwuruk, the Mariani Hotel on Jalan Bundo Kanduang and the Nuansa Hotel on Jalan Samudra damaged the worst," he said.

Part of the Bumi Minang hotel building was destroyed, the Dipo hotel on Jalan Diponegoro was damaged moderately, while the Inna Muara Hotel was partially damaged but can still operate while the Sherly Chip restaurant was destroyed.

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