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Friday, November 6, 2009

Chinese city considering tourism cooperation with Batam

The government of Han Zhou city in China`s Zhe Chiang province is exploring the possibility of cooperation in tourism with Indonesia`s Batam city, a Chinese official said.

The head of Han Zhou`s trade and industry office, Yoe Tang, disclosed the plan to cooperate with Batam here on Friday.

"Han Zhou and Batam could cooperate in the development of tourism, supply of souvenirs and services," Yoe Tang told Antara through an interpreter here on Friday.

The Chinese trade official said as the seventh biggest tourism and economic city in China, Han Zhou had tourist sites which were visited by both domestic and foreign tourists each year.

Tang said that with a cooperation with Batam, the regional government could help promote the Indonesian industrial city to the people and tourists visiting Han Zhou, provincial capital of Zhe Chiang.

The Chinese trade official said Batam was not yet known well by the people of Han Zhou, so that it would need promotion so that the people of Han Zhou which was a sister city of Jakarta would visit Batam.

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